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Electrical Fence Installation

Protect your site and restrict access
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Based in Nanyuki, we work throughout Kenya to supply and install electric fences and guard tower solutions. Our fences are reliable and precise, deterring threats and resisting impact with accuracy and reliability.

Ideal for a number of applications, including prisons, restricted areas and industrial sites, our electric fences keep intruders out.
We’re also able to offer tailor made electrical fencing systems to meet your unique requirements. Our professionals ensure that your fencing is safe, secure and robust.
With over 5 years of local experience, NJOSA offers expert advice when it comes to security and electric fences. Whether it’s for a prison or car yard, we’re able to help you decide on the most effective and appropriate fencing solution to deter threats and protect your site. Working with top manufacturers, we install premium electric fences with precision. Chat with our NJOSA electritical professionals to learn more about what we can do for you.

No Upfront Costs to Install an Electric Security Fence

The cost of our electric fencing and security solution is determined by the size, scale and customized needs of your property. We offer electric fence installation services to keep your assets safe. In addition, our team also offers electric fence repair services for customers.  We offer security systems and high-security electric fencing installation options for organizations in industries such as trucking, metal recycling, auctioning , dismantling , and truck sales.

Our solid metal security fence will NOT affect your electrical bills.

Businesses throughout the Kenya choose to use our solid metal security fence installation services because the equipment is solar powered. This means the cost of electric fence repairs and maintenance is affordable. Your electric fencing and security system will continue to work even if the power goes out. It’s always on, protecting your business. Your power bills will not increase after installing our electric fences.

Save money on manual labor with our electric fence installation services.

Our electric fence installation and repair services are cost-effective compared to security guards, video cameras and alarm systems. Obtain 24/7 security features along with our solid metal security fences to protect your assets and your employees, all while you save money. NJOSA has partnered with industry representatives and small to large organizations to provide the best perimeter security solutions.

Our team will perform a site survey prior to developing a plan for installing your electric fencing system

Every property is different, and one electric fence installation solution doesn’t work for everyone. So, we send technicians to your property, conduct a site survey, then work with you to design the right electric fencing system to address your particular needs. Our electric fence installation services are customized to the location’s property lines, terrain and building positions. Customers’ properties range in size from 500 square feet to 400 acres.

How long does the electric fence installation process take?

Traditionally, there’s a 4-6 week lead-time involved with installing our electric fencing units. Prior to the electric fence installation, customers need to clear debris and growth in the five feet surrounding the existing fence line. The turnaround for a customized high-security fencing solution depends on the size of the property, but the standard install usually takes 1-2 weeks. Do you have questions about solid metal security fence panels? Visit our FAQ page to learn more about our solutions and products.